Saturday, August 31, 2019

Last week marked the first ever SUGCON ANZ, it was run in Sydney with one and half days of amazing Sitecore content. We had sessions covering topics as varied as DevOps, JSS, Commerce, Experience Forms, SBOS, Marketing Automation and anything you can think of in between. We had speakers local to Sydney presenting alongside speakers who travelled interstate and others who travelled internationally.


The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive and I want to thank all the engaged attendees for helping to make the event such a success! From my perspective being able to catch up with the regional Sitecore community is one of my favourite things about the event, it was also nice to see more than a few old colleagues in the crowd as well.

I presented on Sitecore Horizon in the morning of the second day, and though the demo gods weren’t entirely smiling on me (that’s the nature of pre-release software) the session seemed to go over well.

Horizon Session

If you weren’t able to make it this year then you can catch up on a lot of the sessions that were streamed live at the time on the official @SUGCONF twitter account:

  • Kick off & Keynote presented by presented by @damovisa
  • Sitecore JSS in production & at scale – key learnings presented by @alexshyba
  • Extreme Experience Forms: Taking it to the Edge presented by @mike_i_reynolds
  • Too Fast, No Furious (Visitors) presented by@jameshirka and Jason Woods
  • Meet Your New Bestfriend: The Sitecore Rules Engine presented by @jrondeau16
  • Rock Star Research! presented by Kevin Wilkins
  • Sitecore Horizon: The future of content editing presented by @robearlam
  • Marketing Automation Extensions presented by @adeneys
  • The Best Hidden Features in TDS Classic presented by @seanholmesby
  • Sitecore JSS + ReactJS - Development Workflow in Practice presented by Angel Chuang
  • Offline tracking with the Sitecore Universal Tracker presented by @akshaysura13
  • Locknote & Closing presented by Nik Hendel

If you watch the last link of the streams above containing the closing, you can see that we announced that next year’s event will be held in Melbourne which is where I’m currently based, so bring on SUGCON ANZ 2020 for an even bigger and better event!

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