Working with OData Connected Services in Visual Studio 2017

Friday, November 24, 2017

I've recently been working with a .NET Core 2 application, which makes use of OData Connected Services to generate a client proxy. Now when I received the application the proxy had already been generated, however I had updated the target OData service and so needed to update the contents of the proxy, a task which ended up taking a bit of Googling to figure out, so I'm writing this in case anyone else ends up in the same place, but also in case I do and I forgot what I did to solve it!

I had the option to create a new Connected Service, but nothing that referenced OData at all. Also when I clicked on the existing service there was no update option. Now in VS2015 you could install the OData v4 Client Code Generator extension to allow this functionality, however that isn't supported in VS2017, hmmm where to go from here then?

Some more searching led me to the OData Connected Service, which it turns out was the answer to my problem. When I installed the extension, it showed as already installed and gave me the modify option through the installer, which was a bit strange, however once it was setup I could now interact with my client proxy as required.

A couple of quick updates later and I was back writing code, fun times!